Summer Camp Staff

Meet our Directors

Nicole Johnson – Camp Director

Bio not yet provided

Jamie Tooley – Program Director

Hi, my name is Jamie Tooley and I have been with R-C for 3 years now. My first year at camp I was the Director of Horses. My second year I came back as your Program Director in 2019. I was also your Program Director for 2020 COVID shut down. I have been planning our upcoming 2021 Program year for 2 years now and it is going to rock your world. I am a full time Volunteer mainly for Scouts BSA. I am currently Vice Chair of the Council Cub Committee, Scoutmaster for my daughters Troop 3738, and much more. I am passionate about making Cub Scouts a memorable family experience. I have a wide variety of hobbies from being a part time Artist, avid crafter, joy of animals, and the outdoors. I love Kayaking, Camping, Hiking, and trying new things. I never have free time, but my life is filled with God, the family I love, friends, and lots of adventures.  I can’t wait to have you all at camp 2021.

Sarah Sokiveta – CIT and Junior Counselor Director

A master of karate and friendship to everyone.

Glenn Tooley – Camp Manager


Join our team!

Are you looking for the summer adventure of a lifetime? Apply today to become a member of the R-C Scout Ranch Staff!  

As a member of our staff, you will live at R-C Scout Ranch for the entire season, providing meaningful and exciting experiences to hundreds of Cub Scouts and their family members every summer.  If you’re looking for a job that is both challenging and the most fun you’ve ever had, R-C Scout Ranch is the place for you.  

Outside of programs like archery, BB Guns, and horseback riding, camp life is something truly special. There is no better way to spend your summer than at camp surrounded by your best friends!

Staff Positions Available

We have quite a few positions available for our 2021 summer camp season! If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please email

R-C Scout Ranch reimburses staff based on age, years experience, role, and applicable training such as National Camp School or Range Safety Officer. Junior staff will receive volunteer hours, room, and board as payment, and staff aged 16+ are eligible for financial reimbursement. Details on our Counselor in Training (CIT) program can be found here!

All staff are expected to be able to work the entire camp season as well as attend both training weekends. Exceptions will be made for those attending another summer camp with their Troops. Additional exceptions may be handled on an individual basis. Preference will be given to those who can work the entire summer.

Staff roles:

  • Counselors In Training – 14-15 years old
  • Staff – 16-17 years old
  • Adult staff – 18+ years old
  • Directors: 21+ years old

Required Staff training:
– March 27-28 (Phoenix area)
– April 23-24 (at R-C Scout Ranch)

Summer season:
– Staff should arrive on June 1
– Staff close camp July 1 or 2. 

Program Areas Available to Staff at R-C

Nature – Sports/Fitness – Crawdads/Fishing – Wrangler

Archery – BB Guns – Slingshots – Trading Post – Kitchen – Cleaning

Staff Hiring Day

We hope to secure staff for our open positions for next summer before December, but will be having interviews for any additional open roles at our Staff Hiring Day which will be held at Heard Scout Pueblo, South Mountain Phoenix.

December 12, 2020, 10:00 am–2:00 pm

All staff should both submit their application below, as well as arrange to interview in person if they are a first time staff member. 

What are you waiting for?

We look forward to receiving your application, and hope you will join our team! 

CIT Program - Common Questions

A Counselor In Training, the position for staff aged 14-15 years old.

  • A CIT is technically a camper and therefore bound by many of the same rules and restrictions as regular campers.
  • CIT program cost $400 for the entire month-long experience.
  • Included in this is Room, Food, Training, Camp Shirt, and Camp Patch.
  • CIT’s will be required to take Staff training to familiarize them with Camp Staff protocols and procedures also to get to know the staff running the Cub Program.
  • CIT will learn to make their bed, keep their space clean, sweep, mop, do dishes, wake up on time and so much more
  • CIT’s will learn time management and leadership skills
  • CIT program will be provided with real life job skills. Group leadership and dynamics, communications skills, interviewing skills and techniques, resume building, performance reviews
  • CIT’s will learn to set goals, problem solving, conflict resolution
  • CITs will learn basic first aid, outdoor skills, and basic scout skills


The skills that CIT’s will develop in the month at camp will help lead youth to many opportunities such as being a camp counselor or staff member at Summer Camps across the Nation. Understand that Camps tend to favor former CIT’s, understanding that they have had formal training in camp and leadership skills.


If warranted your CIT’s records can be used to help write letters of recommendation for any future job endeavors at camp or elsewhere.


Note that no job is given at the completion of the program nor promised for attending this program.

Here are a few of the countless reasons that are frequently expressed:

  • To make many new friends!
  • To spend a summer in the great outdoors where nature prevails.
  • To acquire experiential education (learning by doing) and new skills that will last a lifetime.
  • To be part of an effective team and to cooperate with others to get things done.
  • To learn how to lead others and to apply leadership skills.
  • To undertake and fulfill meaningful challenges and to earn the satisfaction of doing a job well.
  • To work with youth and adults of all ages.
  • To serve others (the most noble and fulfilling pursuit of all).
  • To give something back for the opportunities you have received.
  • To live in a wholesome environment based on the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
  • To have the advice, counsel, and support of senior staff who are dedicated to helping you succeed.
  • To be paid and receive food and lodging in return for something challenging and fun.
  • To be considered for jobs of greater responsibility and to receive letters of recommendation for other pursuits.

Why work at a fast food or retail establishment that focuses on sales when you can have opportunities like these that will prepare you for more meaningful endeavors?

  1. Submit an Application
  2. The R-C Directors will contact you for an Interview.
  3. R-C Directors will let you know if you are accepted in program!

Have Questions?

Contact the R-C Summer Camp admin team at